Botwatch gives your ops team total visibility of how your robots are performing 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Botwatch is Intellimorph's real-time robot monitoring solution. It tracks robots across all processes, alerting the ops team to any issues regarding robot performance.

By integrating BotWatch with ProcessSuite, Intellimorph's process recording tool, the ops team can easily identify the step in the process where the issue occurred and quickly fix it.


Real-time monitoring

Botwatch offers real-time updates on the performance of each robot. Ops teams are alerted to any issues as they happen, and can react to fix it immediately.


Tracking robot activity allows for better utilisation of the machines they are running on. Vendor licenses can be used in the best way, leading to significant savings in license costs.

ProcessSuite Integration

The Ops team can use ProcessSuite to help resolve issues. Process details are immediately available, reducing the need to wait on the business to answer queries when resolving issues.

Automated Notifications

Issues raised through Intellimorph’s robot management portal, Robot Station, are received in Botwatch, alerting the ops team of all issues with automated notifications.


Botwatch can be scaled up and down as your robot estate changes. There are no limits to the number of robots that can be simultaneously managed using Botwatch!

Intuitive interface

The interface has been designed to make Botwatch as easy to use as possible. It is uniform in look and feel to our other solutions, leading to shorter training times, enabling your people to hit the ground running.

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