Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a business practice in which one organization hires another company to perform a process task that the hiring organization requires for its own business to operate successfully. Until recently BPO meant outsourcing high volume, repetitive work to companies with cheaper workforce that can be easily trained to perform said tasks.

What is Automated BPO?

At Intellimorph we specialise in Intelligent Automation, the amalgamation of robotic process automation (RPA) and artifical intelligence (AI), developing digital workers, or robots, to take care of repetitive processes so that your employees can do what they are made for. Even though robots have their limitations, our approach is to empower teams to combine the human touch with the efficiency of robots to best support your organisation and targets.

By combining our trained personnel with the RPA expertise we have created a faster more accurate and cost effective solution for outsourcing your business processes. For example if a team of 25 is being replaced by our ABPO, by year 2 we can perform the same function with 7 employees and an array of robots supporting them. With Intellimorph you can outsource your HR, IT or accounting departments for the fraction of the price of fully human BPO services and a number of additional benefits.


All automated processes such as personell onboarding, processing invoices or payroll are up to 10 times faster then when done manually.


Your sensitive data is processed using highly sophisticatd algolithms. Your data security is our priority.

Continuous Improvement cycle

Working closely with skilled personel allows our delivery team to identify more processes with automation potential continuesly increasing productivity and cost-effectiveness of our services.


We ensure cost-effecive solutions by automating as many processes as possible in every department


While automation is said to be 100% accurate it depends on the quality of data provided, by combing the processing power of a computed with logical reasoning skills of out team we can trully ensure the highest data quality.

Demand Based Scale

Outsourcing enables scaling up or down to meet your current demand.

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