Charities and the Third sector

The Challenges

"Pressures on charities are intensifying. Against an increasingly challenging backdrop, charities need to change fundamentally if they are to survive and thrive." No more small change - the future charity challenge, PWC.

A key area charities will need to embrace, in order to survive, is Digital services. Technology opens up opportunities to deliver new services entirely, reducing operational costs and enabling staff and volunteers to work remotely and flexibly to be productive.

Do what you are made for

Intellimorph are transforming the way Barnardo's work through transformation and Intelligent Automation. Following an initial workshop we identified processes that when automated, would save Barnardo's £1.2 million a year annually.

What are the measurable benefits of automation?

Intellimorph's approach and proven experience in Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation, will turn your use cases into success stories.

Over 96%



Workforce time released


Better equipped for remote working

10 X

Increase in productivity


Reduced Operational Costs and significant ROI


Improved business resilience

Industry Use Cases

Joiners, Movers and Leavers - Updating HR Platform with Employee details, including DBS checks and employment status.

Automate the uploading of CAF and bank files into Salesforce, and assign donations to campaigns.

Invoice generation, payment and management, for suppliers and clients by automating input into Oracle (or other ERP).

Automating order acceptance and adjustments for damaged and obsolete stock, on Retail EPOS back-end to provide accurate stock figures in retail shops, preventing over/under ordering.

Documenting and mapping processes, and capturing metrics including resources required, frequency of the process, and the system and costs needed to carry them out.

Centralise information from legacy systems and independent data silos to build a central data warehouse, with automated validation of data.

Transform the process of approving overtime, where the manual process requires managers to have to type in 100s of lines of data into Oracle submitted by employees on Excel sheets.

Automate the reading, creating and replying to emails, especially in shared mailboxes, so that email queries are responded to in a timely manner, with personalised information.

Processing paper documents including invoices and content matching; and extracting information and data points for further use and automatic input to other systems.

Intellimorph Solutions

The Intellimorph Approach

Intellimorph's award winning methodology has helped our clients repeatedly achieve results. We are confident your operational costs will reduce and a high ROI. Find out more here

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation solutions are vendor agnostic and increase your workforce capacity and throughput while managing resource costs. Find out more here


Our experience in building and delivering a CoE for automation will empower and enable your teams to continue their transformation journey long after we have left. Find out more here


Intellimorph Process Suite is the one-stop shop for all your process mapping needs, incorporating screen recorders, and process detailing forms. Find out more here

Robot Station

Robot Station will increase productivity across your entire organisation. Users will be able to submit bot requests directly from their desktop, and monitor progress, as well as raise issues for any exceptions. Find out more here


BotWatch empowers your team with live monitoring and support of your Digital Workforce with real-time alerts to any issues through the intuitive dashboard. Find out more here

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsource one or more processes, teams or even your department to us, and we will run your business for you. Find out more here

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