Finance sector

The Challenges

Rising competition in the Finance Sector and the growing volumes of data is fuelling the growth of tough competition and increasing operational costs for many financial organisations today.

Coupled with the need for better compliance, less errors, knowing and focusing on their customers, organisations need an efficient way to manage operational challenges and compliance.

Do what you are made for

Intellimorph Automation specialists worked at one of the UK's national banks in Scotland, leading their Automation delivery to automate processes related to remediation, on over 200 robots.

As a result, the Bank was able to expedite back-office processes, improve the quality of communication to their customers, and avoid regulatory penalties. Intelligent Automation increased their capacity by 300 FTEs (full time employees).

What are the measurable benefits of automation?

Intellimorph's approach and proven experience in Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation, will turn your use cases into success stories.

Over 96%



Workforce time released


Better equipped for remote working

10 X

Increase in productivity


Reduced Operational Costs and significant ROI


Improved business resilience

Industry Use Cases

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a critical compliance process in every bank. This process utilises many FTE and considerable costs to organisations. Using Intelligent Automation to collect and validate customer data they can complete the process in a shorter duration with minimal errors and employees can be focused on other more valuable tasks.

New account creations require data entry across systems, often repeating work many times. Intelligent Automation increases not only speeds up the process and reduces errors, employee satisfaction is increased by eliminating monotonous tasks and engaging the employees in tasks requiring human intelligence.

Mortgage applications often require data to be validated, and interaction with different systems. intelligent Automation can speed the process up significantly, updating multiple systems accurately, and reduce errors that lead to issues and bottlenecks further down the line.

Centralise information from legacy systems and independent data silos to build a central data warehouse, with automated validation of data.

Automate the reading, creating and replying to emails, especially in shared mailboxes, so that email queries are responded to in a timely manner, with personalised information.

Processing paper documents including invoices and content matching; and extracting information and data points for further use and automatic input to other systems.

Fraud, including money laundering, is a growing problem for banks and their customers. As criminal methods become more sophisticated, banks need to turn to technology to check transactions and identify fraud. Intelligent Automation can check transaction patterns, as well as details linked to where the money is going, and alert the fraud team of any suspicious activity.

Statement data extraction can be automated using Intelligent Automation solutions that incorporate OCR. Data points from very large account statements can be extracted within minutes, and made available to other systems for reporting. Intelligent automation can be used on all statement formats, including Current Accounts and Credit Card statements.

Intellimorph Solutions

The Intellimorph Approach

Intellimorph's award winning methodology has helped our clients repeatedly achieve results. We are confident your operational costs will reduce and a high ROI. Find out more here

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation solutions are vendor agnostic and increase your workforce capacity and throughput while managing resource costs. Find out more here


Our experience in building and delivering a CoE for automation will empower and enable your teams to continue their transformation journey long after we have left. Find out more here


Intellimorph Process Suite is the one-stop shop for all your process mapping needs, incorporating screen recorders, and process detailing forms. Find out more here

Robot Station

Robot Station will increase productivity across your entire organisation. Users will be able to submit bot requests directly from their desktop, and monitor progress, as well as raise issues for any exceptions. Find out more here


BotWatch empowers your team with live monitoring and support of your Digital Workforce with real-time alerts to any issues through the intuitive dashboard. Find out more here

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsource one or more processes, teams or even your department to us, and we will run your business for you. Find out more here

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