Manufacturing sector

The Challenges

Like other sectors it has impacted, COVID is presenting the Manufacturing sector challenges going into 2021 and even beyond. Santander UK quantified a cost of £36 billion in 2020 alone, saying it will be 2022 before the sector recovers.

Companies will need to look at digital transformation technologies to allow them to work as usual, and lower their operational costs.

Do what you are made for

Intellimorph partnered with DS Smith, one of the largest manufacturing companies globally. We helped empower the staff responsible for performing back end processes, by training them in automation, and setting up a Centre of Excellence for Automation.

As a result, over 200 processes from areas including Finance, HR, and Central Data Governance were added to the automation pipeline, leading to an increase in capacity equating over 46 FTEs. Business was able to continue as usual, with a smaller workforce.

What are the measurable benefits of automation?

Intellimorph's approach and proven experience in Digital Transformation & Intelligent Automation, will turn your use cases into success stories.

Over 96%



Workforce time released


Better equipped for remote working

10 X

Increase in productivity


Reduced Operational Costs and significant ROI


Improved business resilience

Industry Use Cases

Know Your Customers- Automation can be used to run credit checks, check VAT numbers, and other company checks, and build up a risk rating of a client.

Automating New Starter Onboarding by updating records on Workday ERP using Excel input - reducing duplicate work.

Invoice generation, payment and management, for suppliers and clients by automating input into Oracle (or other ERP).

Order fulfilment process to manage customer orders and responses, ensuring orders are processed in an accurate and timely manner.

Performing the month - end BACS payment and credit runs, and running reports for the next credit reviews, so that client risk is managed.

Producing the Aged Debt Reports & Dispute Reporting, and distributing to the business on a daily schedule.

Scheduling internal and external appointments and meetings, automating the managing of meeting requests and the room booking process.

Automate the reading, creating and replying to emails, especially in shared mailboxes, so that emails and attachments are processed in a timely manner, with personalised responses.

Automate supply chain management across all goods and services, ensuring accuracy and timely processing.

Intellimorph Solutions

The Intellimorph Approach

Intellimorph's award winning methodology has helped our clients repeatedly achieve results. We are confident your operational costs will reduce and a high ROI. Find out more here

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation solutions are vendor agnostic and increase your workforce capacity and throughput while managing resource costs. Find out more here


Our experience in building and delivering a CoE for automation will empower and enable your teams to continue their transformation journey long after we have left. Find out more here


Intellimorph Process Suite is the one-stop shop for all your process mapping needs, incorporating screen recorders, and process detailing forms. Find out more here

Robot Station

Robot Station will increase productivity across your entire organisation. Users will be able to submit bot requests directly from their desktop, and monitor progress, as well as raise issues for any exceptions. Find out more here


BotWatch empowers your team with live monitoring and support of your Digital Workforce with real-time alerts to any issues through the intuitive dashboard. Find out more here

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsource one or more processes, teams or even your department to us, and we will run your business for you. Find out more here

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