ProcessSuite allows you to keep everything you need about a process in one central location. Processes can be recorded, mapped and documented, and the underlying algorithms will even tell you how complex they are, as well as calculating the ROI of automating them!

In order to improve, we must first understand where we are. Following Intellimorph's proven methodology, ProcessSuite enables teams to record and document each of their processes with only a few clicks.


Business Continuity

ProcessSuite automatically documents your processes which can be used in Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Data Security

ProcessSuite gives business teams full control over their data. They choose what to share with the technical delivery team.

Improved Visualisation

Process flows and exception paths are easier to visualise using real screenshots.


Shorter implementation times result in more processes being automated in the same delivery window.


Record changes to documented processes easily and keep everyone updated.

Faster Implementation

Our experience shows implementation is up to 60% faster using ProcessSuite.

Success Stories

Intellimorph automation at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London

Intellimorph partnered with the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) in London in the effort to save the time of the fellows who volunteer their expertise for the betterment of the society. By creating an efficient system for information sharing they can now process 20% more support requests in the same amount of time, and the use of natural language processing for matching entries across the database cuts the administrative staff efforts in half. Furthermore, the use of ProcessSuite ensured that implementation took quarter of the time of similar projects.

Intellimorph automated expense reports at a large legal company

Intellimorph robot makes sure all expense reports are converted to a uniform format before sending it through to Oracle. It can identify duplicate reports, and in case of the lack of account details or other crucial information needed to complete the transaction sends an email to the support staff. Botwatch allows to identify issues such as lack of login details or if the email is written in the wrong format by measuring the time it takes for a robot to perform said tasks and pinpoint where the issue occurred in the process flow.

What do our partners say

" Since our institute started using RPA our expert network increased significanlty due to the limited amount of admin work required. "

- Director of Operations
Professional institute in London

" ProcessSuite made development of new bots so much easier our IT team automated 45% more processes in the last quarter to let employees across various departments focus on more value-added tasks. "

- Head of IT
Large Legal

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