Robot Station

Do you want to empower your business users with control of your robots? Robot Station is a one stop portal that enables the business to manage their rpbot workload, and manage any robot business related issues.

Using Robot Station, business users can send requests directly to robots using bespoke forms tailored to their understanding. If a form doesn't exist, it can be created using a simple drag and drop interface, requiring no knowledge of programming.

Any issues with robot output can be raised, managed and escalated through Robot Station. Robot Station empowers the business with control over their robots.

Robot Station is fully integrated with BotWatch, Intellimorph's live robot monitoring platform, and creates a direct channel of communication between business users, robots, and the ops team.

Robot Station

Robot Requests

Business teams can raise robot requests by filling out structured forms to initiate attended and unattended robot runs.

Robot Forms

Create structured robot submission forms using a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface

Robot Issues

Any issues arising from a robot run can be raised by the business for investigation by the operations team. Fully integrated with BotWatch.


Integrating Robot Station with Intellimorph’s robot monitoring platform, Botwatch ensures everything you want to know about how your bots are performing is in one place. Issues can be raised, tracked and managed in the one place, negating the need to log onto other portals to raise requests and issues.

Permission based roles

Permissions can be set to grant privileges and segrate roles and duties within Robot Station.

Queue Management

Robot Station’s efficient FIFO (first in-first out) request management algorithm makes sure all submitted requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. Submissions can be prioritised based on current business needs, by super-users.

Efficient communication

As well as creating bot requests directly from Robot Stations, users will also be able to create tasks assigned to other members of the organisation, not just robots. This ensures higher work efficiency and ease of MI reporting on request analytics.


Comprehensive reports can be produced from Botwatch. Reports including the number of requests made, and the hours saved by automating the process are included. Bespoke reports can be added as required.

High-quality data

All user requests are validated to ensure data going in is in the expected format, ensuring the robot will be able to process everything that is submitted. The quality of output data will increase as a result.

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