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As seasoned technology experts and implementation partners to some of the biggest vendors in the space, Intellimorph is no stranger to challenges big and small. We tackla the technical challenges, we help with the adoption of technology and through our collaborative approach and transparent communication we always put the humans first.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is by no means a new concept. It simply refers to the adoption of digital technologies to replace older manual processes. Whether you are replacing old processes with digital versions or replacing old digital technology with newer ones the aim is to evolve through the use of newer digital techonologies.

Robotic Process Automation

Intellimorph is a multi-award winning implementation partner of multiple RPA vendors and has great experience in delivering successful projects in the field, across multiple sectors and industries since 2015. Our Intellimorph Approach is the proven methodology that powers our delivery.

Artifical Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence powers a lot of the tools that Intellimorph employs and has developed to help solve problems that even 2 years ago would have seemed impossible! Whether you are interested in Machine learning, Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing, Intellimorph has the expertise and knowledge to support and help you.


Chatbots are a practical and intuitive solution for improving the user experience of business users interacting and interfacing with other technologies. Intellimorph's website features an example of a Chatbot developed as a demo.

Intellgent Automation

For the harder problems and more challenging processes, Intellimorph employs Intelligent Automation which combines the use of traditional unattended RPA and more clever AI solutions. Using the right tool for the job with a constant eye on cost and licence fees to keep any proposal in line with ROI projections.

Data Analytics

A process that's becoming increasingly common, Data Analytics is the analysis of different datasets to examine and draw conclusions on the data within. As the saying goes: 80% of the data at any organisation is unstructured and not understood fully. In order to make data-driven decisions it's imperative to understand as much of your data as possible.

Data Visualisations

Having structured and extracted some useful analysis from your data, it's now up to how you communicate and share this information with the rest of the business. Data Visualisations aim to convert data into meaningful dashboards, charts and graphs that anyone can read and understand.

Intelligent Document Extraction

Intellimorph's cloud based intelligent document extraction robots are ready to extract any fields, in almost any language from your invoices and send the extracted data through our APIs to a destination of your choice that can be integrated further into your existing ERP systems, as an example.

Business Process Outsourcing

A model that is becoming increasingly popular in some industries and sectors is Business Process Outsourcing, where an organisation outsources a process, multiple process, a team or even a department in some cases, to an external third-party who aims to perform those processes to the standard agreed between the two parties.

Bespoke Software Development

Intellimorph has been developing and improving software since it's inception which has led to Intellimorph Cloud, a collection of tools that supports and enhances the Digital Transformation. One could say then, that building software is our DNA and we're always happy to develop bespoke solutions and integrations to help improve any process.

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