What is Hyper-Automation?

The “Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020,” identified Hyper-Automation as the number 1 trend in technology for 2020 and beyond.

By adding AI technologies including machine learning, natural language processing, process mining and smart analytics to the RPA foundation, Hyper-Automation delivers a truly Intelligent Digital Workforce at scale.

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Beyond RPA

Developing the Robot's Intelligence

Augmenting RPA with AI technologies, to create an intelligent Digital Worker is the first step to HyperAutomation. By adding the ability to extract and process information from documents using OCR, Natural Language Processing to deliver more human-like chatbots, and data analytics and forecasting, organisations can look to automate more processes.

What are the measurable benefits of Hyper-Automation?

Hyper-Automation enables organisations to scale their automation across more teams and departments. Rather than focussing on transactional based, repetitive, and low value processes; knowledge based processes that were once beyond automating can now be automated. HyperAutomation reaches out to more people across the organisation, improving efficiency beyond the reaches of RPA alone.

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